Full Academy Integration

Join us short term (per week)

Book up for your performance week and enjoy the full TTA experience for a week at a time. 

Join us mid term (Per Month)

Immerse fully into the day to day life at TTA, living, training, and competing like a full time player. 

A typical training day includes...

Morning session:

0800-0900 – Fitness                      0900-1100 – Tennis

Afternoon session:

1600-1730 – Tennis                     1730-1815 – Fitness

Plus on Saturday mornings we organise UTR registered matches amongst TTA players, other local players, and visitors.  Or alternatively, you can join the saturday morning beach fitness session.

Why not take advantage of our on site study center. You can catch up on your studies online, or learn a language. See below.

Share your Goals

We make a team Whatsapp group for all players, which can include your coach back home, so we can share all our observations and recommendations with you and the rest of your team.

Improve your UTR Rating

TTA is an official UTR Academy. We play UTR registered matches every Saturday morning, and extra matches can be arranged during the week upon request.

Join us on Tournament

We have a full annual tournament calendar for all age groups, and we try whenever possible to travel in a team. Why not join us for a tournament?

Tailor Made

It is not one size fits all, you choose what is best for you. All our programs are individualised for each player.

pro tennis academy tenerife

Exclusive Pack

Train like an ATP/WTA pro. A program with plenty of individual tennis, sparring and fitness, where you will work full time with our world renowned coaches Carl Maes & Kris Gray


We have our very own cafetaria cooking up delicious and nutritious meals every day for our players. In addition, our fitness team is able to offer nutritional advice.


We provide transport between our venues. In addition, our TTA mini buses are on hand to help out with any other transport needs, e.g. airport runs.

Add Ons


Individual sessions are possible on request.


We are fortunate to have Salva Martin (physio for top WTA player Karolina Pliskova) and his team available for any physio requirements

Recorded UTR Match

Want your UTR match to be recorded to show your coach back home? No problem, we can arrange that for you!

Continue your school work

Continue your studies online. If you have a distance study program, we can provide you with space in our study centre with good internet connection so you can continue your school work. We can even provide teacher support if needed. 

Continue your self development

If you dont have your own school work to get on with, why not take advantage of your spare time and learn a new language:  Spanish, English, Russian etc 

Boarding Options
  • Partner Hotels (For families and groups)
  • Players House (Travelling alone)
  • Local Rentals (18+ only)

Short Term

Part Time
Prices Per Hour
  • Academy session €20 per hour
  • Academy session with your coach €15 per hour
  • Private Session €45 per hour
  • Private Session with Carl Maes or Kris Gray €75 per hour

Short Term

Part Time
Prices Per Week
  • Academy training week full days €500
  • Academy training week half days €300
  • Accommodation Players House per week €300
  • Lunch & Snacks per week €35

Mid Term

Part Time
Prices Per Month
  • Academy training month €1650
  • Academy training month half days €1050
  • Accommodation Players House per month €900
  • Lunch & Snacks per month €120