Streamline your Education with Sport

Why Study with us

Maximum 1:8

Teacher student ratio never exceeds 1:8.
This way we can ensure high quality and focussed learning.

No Homework

Home time is for rest, recovery, and time to relax.
To perform at your best each day, you must be well rested.

Flexible Study Program

Our online system allows students the freedom to travel to compete, while taking their studies with them.

US College Entry Specialists

We provide specialist teaching and guidance for the US SAT entry exams. We are very proud of our US college entry succes rate of 100%.

Study at your own speed

With our individualised approach, students can get ahead in the subjects they find easier, and then spend more time on the ones they find trickier.

All the Core Subjects Covered

There are certain ¨Core¨subjects that every student must follow. these are the main ones that are essential for University applications. We cover them all.

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