USA Scholarship Program

At TTA we are very proud of our 100% success rate for US college scholarship entries for our players.  We have been able to achieve this through our own expertise in this field coupled with our great partnership with Stars and Stripes.

We are fully equipped to provide everything a player needs to succeed in getting a placement at the US college that best suits them.  We guide players throughout the whole process from:

  • the initial search for a college that will suit each player best academically, socially and tennis-wise
  • to making contact with Pippa from Stars and Strips to further enable the scholarship application process
  • to helping fill out the application forms and create a stand out CV
  • to arranging the filming of the movie required for the application
  • to ensuring that players have the adequate UTR rating for the college of their choice
  • to preparing and entering each player for their SATS (and TOEFL or IELTS if necessary).

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes are experts in helping players through the college recruitment process. TTA has worked together with Pippa from Stars and Stripes for several years now, and the combination of her knowlegde and expertise and that of our team at Synergy has led to our 100% success rate with placing our players in the US colleges of their choice.

IELTS Preparation

For those players who are not studying in english, (for example those doing the online spanish system CIDEAD) IELTS is a requirement when entering the US college recruitment process. We arrange the IELTS exams for these students and tutor them so that they are able to gain their IELTS qualification.

UTR Rating

TTA is a UTR certified academy. On a weekly basis our players play UTR matches against not only other academy players, but also against visiting players. This enables our players to get a head start in getting an appropriate UTR rating, which is crucial for the US college recruitment process.

Sat Preparation

At TTA, with our years of experience in SAT preparation, we are able to tutor our players to pass their SATs successfully. We arrange everything from the exam entry, transport to the exam centre, to all the tutoring required beforehand.

Application Process help

Working with Stars and Stripes we guide each player through the scholarship application process. We also we help them to create a stand-out CV.

Make your Video

We work with Visual Fix to make our players´movies. Tom, the cameraman is a tennis enthusiast himself, so he knows what is important to show in the movie and how to make our players look as good as they really are!

At TTA we can make, what can be a very daunting process, a whole lot easier with our in-house expertise. 

We can help bridge the the gaps between the player, the agent and the college coach.

We are experts in this and have done it successfully many times.   Why not reduce your stress and leave it in the hands of the experts!