Meet Team TTA

Kris Gray
Academy Founder and Director

Co-Founder and owner of Tenerife Tennis Academy, Kris is an LTA Level 5 qualified Master Performance Coach, and is the academy director, responsible for the development of all TTA player training programmes

Maks Shangichev
Academy Founder and Director

Co-Founder and owner of Tenerife Tennis Academy, Maks is a lifelong tennis enthusiast, and is responsible for all competition planning at TTA

Carl Maes

Performance Director

Carl Maes is the TTA performance director. Carl was previously director of the Kim Clijsters Academy, Belgian Fed Cup Captain, Head of Womens Tennis at the LTA, and he currently still works with Sorana Cirstea (WTA top 50 player), so he brings a wealth of experience to the TTA team.

Fiona Spencer-Nairn

Academy Coordinator

Fiona, TTA coordinator, will usually be your main contact person at TTA. She has previously worked in the same role at the Kim Clijsters Academy, and prior to that was a project manager at the British Tennis Federation.

Academy Coaches


Mamadou is himself an ex tour player who still likes to spar with our better players every now and then. But his expertise is developping our young juniors training with the orange and green ball, and those that are transitioning from green to yellow ball. Languages: english, spanish and french.


Patricio is our kidstennis expert, he works daily with our youngest players, developing their skills so that they are ready for the orange ball green ball stages. He is also a favourite with the adults and organises the adult evening groups and the sunday competition mornings. Languages: english & spanish


Anupam is an ex tour player himself and now works with our top players. He is mostly busy developping their skills to enable them to compete on an international level. Therefore, he is mostly located at T3 under the guidance of Carl Maes. Languages: english, spanish & hindi


Diego is our drills master and works mostly with our teeners getting them into shape whilst developing their skills so that they can then progress to the international circuit. Languages: english & spanish


Aleks is our technical /tactical master and works mostly with our teeners, developing their tactical knowledge to give them the competitive edge. Languages: english, spanish & serbian.

Sports Science Team


Simon coordinates our fitness team. He is responsible for developing individualised fitness programs for each player, whilst coordinating injury prevention, screenings, and rehab programs. Languages: english & french


Salva is the physio to top WTA player, Karolina Pliskova. He is a world renowned physio, with his main base in South Tenerife.
All TTA players have access to Salva and his expertise whenever required


Jack is our fitness trainer for our younger players, teaching them the benefits of fitness for becoming a better tennis player.

Synergy Academics Team


Elizabeth Page, Director of Studies for Synergy, has worked for over 18 years in the field of education, as a Director, Head of Department, Ofsted Outstanding Teacher and an examiner. She has a passion for ensuring that all students achieve their academic goals.


Tania is our primary school teacher, she graduated from St Petersburg State University with a diploma in primary teaching and teaching english as a second language. Tania takes great care of the education of all our players under the age of 12 as well as teaching english and russian as second languages.


Jo graduated with a B.Sc. (hons) in Interdisciplinary Physics, with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. She is our specialist in Maths and all Sciences for our english language students.


Conchi is qualified as a french teacher, but is principally our spanish teacher. She guides our spanish speaking students with their CIDEAD online schooling, whilst also teaching spanish to our english speaking students. All our english speaking students have spanish included in their curriculum up to GCSE level.


Tony graduated as a MPhys Physics with Medical Technology back in 2002 at the University of Hull, and became a qualified Secondary Science teacher at the University of Exeter in 2005. In Synergy he brings his passion for Maths and Sciences to both our spanish and english language students to help them to achieve their educacional goals.