British Curriculum Primary, iGCSE, A-Level

Primary Education

Key stage 2  (Ages 8 – 12)

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to be purposeful and engaging.

Our curriculum develops the right mix of skills, knowledge and creativity in a way that stimulates curiosity and engagement. We offer students discreet subjects and engaging projects ensuring that literacy is a focus throughout.

Our classes are adapted to both a mixed age and ability including those that have English as a second language. The classes are a blended learning of online, teacher supported, and teacher led.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • English,
  • Math,
  • Spanish,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Art, 
  • Computer Studies including Programming.

Secondary Education

Key stage 3  (Ages 11 – 14)

We aim to stimulate curiosity and engagement through a variety of different learning methods and a key focus for all students is digital literacy.

Our classes are a blend of digital online learning and teacher led and supported. They are adapted to suit the individual needs to each student including those that have English as a second language.

We deliver the key skills that help to build a strong foundation for iGCSE.

Our English curriculum covers the key subject areas:

  • English,
  • Math,
  • Literature,
  • Sciences,
  • Computer Science,
  • Humanities,
  • Languages.


Key stage 4  (Ages 14-16)

We aim to provide our students with opportunities to engage with increasingly challenging and complex issues.

At this stage our curriculum covers a minimum of the following iGCSEs: English Language and Literature, Math and Higher Math, Sciences, Humanities and Languages. All students aim to achieve a minimum of 5 iGCSE (with a GPA of 3.0 the minimum requirement for entry to scholarship programmes). We also prepare the students for SAT as well as IELTS or TOEFL to a minimum standard of 5.5 if required.

We encourage them to become independent, flexible learners who can use their skills, attitudes and values to balance their life in school with the demands of the tennis programme.

Core iGCSE´s Covered

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Math and Higher Math
  • Sciences (Biology, Physics)
  • Geography
  • Languages (Spanish, Russian, French)
  • Others upon request

A Levels

Key stage   (Ages 16-18)

This stage is an exciting time in the life of the student, and we want to help our learners to be prepared for leaving school and becoming independent.

A Levels are very demanding, and we believe that for students to be successful, it is essential they follow the correct courses based on their interests and academic ability. We can offer a range of different pathways to support the needs of the individual in gaining a worldwide recognised qualification.

We assist the student in their liaison with scholarship agents and the various forms and websites they have to complete along side their studies for SAT, IELTS and/or TOEFL if required.

We offer a range of subjects including:

  • Math,
  • Business,
  • English
  • Language and Literature,
  • Spanish,
  • Psychology
  • BTEC Sport.