Full Time Player

The Fully Integrated Approach

individual tennis lessons




Players 14 yrs and older train a minimum of 5.5 hrs tennis and fitness per day.  This is spread over a morning session and an evening session, leaving time for the studies in the afternoon.

The younger players train a minimum of 3hrs tennis and fitness per day, usually in the afternoon, after they have completed their studies in the morning.

Everyone joins our UTR match sessions on Saturday mornings.

We have our very own study centre, Synergy. 
Through Synergy Study Centre, we are able to provide a flexible study programme that fits in around the training hours and tournaments of our players.  

We offer both the British Curriculum to gain IGCSE´s and A-level´s, and the Spanish Curriculum, CIDEAD. 

For both systems we also provide primary schooling from 9-11yrs.

Private S & C

Double Training Session 

  • Morning 3 hours
    • Specific tennis technique session
    • Strength and Conditioning session
  • Afternoon 2.5 hours
    • Open based tactics session
    • Injury prevention fitness session
become a professional tennis player

M1 = Mentor

Every Player has a head coach as mentor, to guide and track performance

private tennis session

C1 = Personal Coach

Every Player is allocated a personal coach who is in charge of their day to day training and tournament schedule

Flexible Study Program

Education is always at the forefront of every student athlete. We have created a system to synergise perfectly with competitive tennis players, who have little free time and are travelling often.

Tournament Travel

We have a full annual tournament schedule for each player age group. We try whenever possible to travel as a team to reduce costs for players.

Improve your UTR

Tenerife Tennis Academy is proud to be an official UTR Academy, we host weekly official UTR matches for all of our full time players and all visitors.

Tennis Locker

We use the TL player management software for feedback, communication, and goal setting

nutrition for winners


All of our food is prepared on site, we only use fresh produce, and take into consideration players´ specific dietary needs.

become a professional tennis player

Off Court

We have an in house physio for regular screenings and treatments when necessary, as well as a full rehab programme for injured players. In addition, we provide mental training, nutritional guidance and match analysis.

Boarding Options
  • Players Housing
  • Host Families
  • Local Rentals (18+ only)



Full Time
Priced Monthly Minimum 10 Months
  • Over 14 years €1,400
  • Under 14 Years €1,200
  • Under 10 Years €800


Full Time
Priced Monthly Minimum 10 Months
  • Over 14 years €550
  • Under 14 Years €528
  • Under 10 Years €528

Boarding & Food

Full Time
Priced Monthly Minimum 10 Months
  • Host Family from €900
  • Players House Accommodation €600
  • Full-time B/fast Lunch & Dinner €450