Secondary Education KS3/4/5 (Ages 11-18)

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KS3 Program

We offer a full range of subjects at KS3 including English, Math, Science, History, Geography, RE and Computer Skills. English and Maths continue to be a focus for learning.

English is a combination of language and literature. Language assesses reading, writing, speaking and listening. Literature is the study of genres of text, prose, poetry and drama with a focus on critical analysis. Students will read a range of texts from pre 1914 to contemporary works plus at least two Shakespeare plays. They will learn skills such as editing, drafting, planning, proofreading, as well as skimming and scanning. They will be taught to consider audience and purpose and look to improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Maths focuses on becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and solving problems with and without a calculator. Along with number, algebra, ratio, proportion, geometry, measures, probability and statistics students will encounter more difficult maths and mathematical theory. Subjects you might not be familiar with such as trigonometry, Pythagoras, equations, probability, coordinates, powers and roots, and angles.

In Science we cover the three topic areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are encouraged to create their own experiments and complete a range of STEM projects to bring science alive from making hot ice to discovering which light colour is best for plant growth.

KS4 Program

At iGCSE we use the Edexcel exam board and consistently deliver excellent results with our 100% of our students achieving a minimum of 5 iGCSE’s A* to C. We cover the five essential subjects for achieving a sports scholarship to the USA English, Math, Biology, Geography and Spanish or French. As the US bases the academic section of their scholarship offers on achievement at this level we prefer students to study fewer exams but achieve higher levels as this supports their future pathway to University should they choose this.

We can offer these subjects to be taught over one or two years. It is important to remember that to fulfil the NCAA guidelines that students must follow their academic timeline from Year 9 to Year 13. Failure to do this will result in them not being eligible for scholarships to NCAA Universities.

We have an excellent pass rate and our students achieve an average GPA of 3.0 to 3.4 which allows them access to academic as well as sports scholarship amounts.

KS5 Program

We offer a range of subjects such as Business, English Literature, Spanish or French, Maths, Psychology and Politics. For access to the US universities our sports students only need to take 2 A Levels. This reduced timetable allows them to play more sport ad achieve higher UTR points essential to achieving the sports scholarships many want. We also offer preparation and teaching for both IELTS and SAT our average pass rates are Level 6-7 and around 1200 respectively.

Our A Levels have a 100% pass rate and it has ensured that our students can enter University or College. All our past students have achieved excellent results and all students that wanted a USA scholarship have achieved this. We have also had two of our students opt for entrance to UK Universities such as Loughborough to pursue tennis and a degree.

Assessment is formative based on daily assessment and short term targets as well as summative assessments to achieve a fully rounded picture of progress.
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