World class facilities in paradise

Facilities at Tenerife Top Training

Tenerife Tennis Academy proudly utilizes Tenerife Top Training (T3), a world-class facility that serves as a training base for Olympic champions, Premiership football teams, and other elite athletes.

Located in the prestigious town of La Caleta and a short walk from the ocean, At T3 our players access advanced recovery facilities, including ice baths and saunas, essential for athlete rehabilitation and performance. At T3 we have seven Australian Open hard courts, specifically laid by GreenSet to match the speed and color of those used at AO.

Additionally, T3 features two fully-equipped gyms—one indoor for technical training and another outdoor, allowing training in the fresh air.

This combination of elite facilities supports our athletes in achieving their peak performance levels.

Chayofa Venue Facilities at Tenerife Tennis Academy

Chayofa, the main base for Tenerife Tennis Academy, houses our head office and the Synergy Study Centre, focusing on integrating academic excellence with tennis training.

This venue features exceptional sports facilities including three European red clay tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, and a pro shop equipped with the latest Babolat stringing machine.

Additionally, our on-site cafeteria offers nutritious meals to fuel athletes before and after their sessions, ensuring a well-rounded environment for both physical and academic development.