Annual Tennis And Academics 12+

Tailored Performance Plans at Tenerife Tennis Academy.

At Tenerife Tennis Academy, renowned as a boutique academy, we are committed to offering bespoke programs that are crafted to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each athlete. This tailored approach ensures personalized development in both tennis skills and physical fitness.

Our tailored performance plans begin with an in-depth assessment of each player’s technical, physical, and psychological profile. This enables us to create a personalized development pathway that aligns with their individual ambitions and the unique demands of competitive tennis.

By focusing on customized training and support, our academy ensures that each athlete receives the precise guidance and resources they need to excel at the highest levels.

What Our Program Includes at Tenerife Tennis Academy

At Tenerife Tennis Academy, our Full-Time Tennis and Academics Program includes a comprehensive suite of training and support designed to maximize each student’s potential:
Our program’s structure is designed to support serious athletes in achieving their sporting and academic goals within a dynamic and supportive environment.

Integrated Academic Curriculum at Tenerife Tennis Academy

At Tenerife Tennis Academy, our integrated academic curriculum, delivered through our dedicated Synergy Study Centre, is meticulously designed to align with the rigorous demands of professional tennis training.

We offer the British curriculum, guiding students through their entire school career—from primary education to GCSEs and A-Levels. Additionally, we prepare students for SAT and TOEFL exams, essential for those pursuing athletic scholarships in the U.S.

This flexible academic schedule allows students to prioritize their training and travel, ensuring they remain engaged and successful academically, without compromising their athletic development.

Who the Full-Time Program is For

The Full-Time Program at Tenerife Tennis Academy is specifically designed for athletes aged 12 and above who are committed to advancing their tennis careers.

Ideal for players focused on intense training and competitive play, this program aligns with rigorous academic pursuits, preparing students for professional tours or U.S. college scholarships.

It offers structured support through key educational phases, including GCSEs, A-Levels, SATs, and TOEFL exams, seamlessly integrating world class tennis training with academic development.